Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Few Thoughts

Today we were able to attend Kyle's best friend Bud's sealing in the Draper Temple. We love him and Cami, and we were so glad we were able to go! They both looked great :) As always, I teared up a little bit. I love sealings.

Today I took a 1/2 hours nap with Kyle before he left for work. After he left I tried to go back to sleep for two hours. Bad idea. I have the worst headache.

My poor Kyle worked the graveyard last night, came home, slept one hour, and then we left for the wedding. We came home, and he slept 1/2 hour before going back to work. He'll be home around 10. Poor guy.

He bought my flowers last Friday. He's the very best, and they are so gorgeous (pink/orange tinted roses).

Last night we threw a rocking party. Thanks for coming Tyler and Alishia, Jay, Dani, Garyn and Jill, Sarah, and Ginger! We love you guys. We ate pizza, chatted, made soft serve ice cream, and watched the BCS National Championship, of course.

Cougars are rocking it right now! Beat Utah!!!

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