Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Life These Days

My life for the past 7 weeks has been full of diapers, spit-up, and holding a baby. And I'm not complaining. But I thought I'd give you an update of things that have been happening around here since Abe was born.

+ The first week home was amazing. It was just Kyle and I (and I've already mentioned how helpful Kyle was). We were able to spend time together, just the three of us. We love our little family so much.

+ My mom and sister were able to come out a week or so after Abe was born. They weren't going to be able to come out if he had been born around his due date (my sister would have had school) but since he was early they could come out during her spring break! It was nice to spend time together, and we went on a couple of drives and walks.

+ A week after they left, Holly and Evan came out and stayed with us. They were also so helpful, and we went on a few drives with them as well.

+ Kyle has officially started his new position and work schedule. He is really enjoying it, although it makes for some long days. He has Mondays off, works 8-8 on Tuesdays, works about 8-7 on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and 8-5 on Fridays.

+ Our first Sunday back to church was Easter, and we've made it every Sunday since! Back to teaching our hilarious 5 and 6 year olds.

+ Kyle got me a beautiful bouquet of roses for our anniversary, and we went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then on a drive. Abe slept the whole time :)

+ For Mother's Day, Kyle and Abe got me some new knives, a hanging flower to put on our front porch, and paint for Kyle to paint the rocking chair! (He started yesterday.)

+ We've been enjoying getting into a more predictable routine and schedule around here. And we've been working on finishing up Abe's nursery. Can't wait to share it when we're finished!

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Ayisha said...

I am loving that picture of Evan and baby. So sweet!