Tuesday, May 27, 2014

4 Years

The 6th was our 4th anniversary - I mentioned it in my last post, but I figured it deserved it's own little post, as well. 4 years seems so short and so long, all at the same time.

In the past 4 years Kyle and I have:
lived in 2 different states, and 3 apartments/homes
have visited Yellowstone 3 times
been to Lake Powell
been to Arches
spent 10 days in Florida (and went to all the theme parks in the area)
been on a 7 day cruise
been to California 4 times (5 for me) - Disneyland once, Sea World once
done sessions/initiatories/attended sealings in 10 different templs
had a baby
graduated from college and grad school
gotten a new car
had 6 different jobs between us
gone camping numerous times
attended 3 different wards
and created many more memories!

Nearly every day I am reminded what an amazing and right choice I made when I decided to marry Kyle. He is the best for me, and I am so grateful for him. He puts up with my crazy and I couldn't ask for more.
I am so grateful that we are members of the true Church, and that we will be together forever.

I love you, Kyle!
Here's to many more years to come.... and eternity after that!

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