Thursday, February 20, 2014

Valentine's Day + Update

K and I had a wonderful low-key Valentine's. 
K brought home pizza and crazy bread.
I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
We exchanged gifts.

I got him his favorite things - chocolate milk, a set of 3 James Bond DVD's, and Reese's cups. 
He got me a card and some chocolate.... Except then I opened the card and inside were tickets to Wicked (!!!!) when it comes to Spokane in May.
(May's not too soon to leave our babe with a sitter for a while.... Right???)
Kyle's a sneaky mcsneakerson when it comes to gifts. He's always getting me something I didn't know I was getting that I love/have been wanting.

Saturday we just relaxed around the house, and went to the adult session of Stake Conference that evening.
Sunday was the general session of Stake Conference (our ward choir, which I'm in, sang in it, so we had to be there a little early). 2 hours is always long.... But great messages were shared.
Monday was President's Day, which Kyle had off, hooray! So we just did more relaxing and spending time together. Gotta get that in before we have this little boy here.

Also! Kyle got the position at work that he interviewed for! He is so excited! I'll try to make him write a blog post all about it so you know what he's going to be doing and while he'll like it better.
He gets to go to a week-long training. 
It will be in the middle of March, in Boston.
(We thought it was going to be in Alaska, which he was so excited for, but that training is actually the first week of April.... A little too close to my due date for comfort.) 
I'm proud of my guy, and all the hard work he does!

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