Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Utah Trip

Kyle and I were able to take a little trip to Utah this past week/end. We didn't go down during the holidays, but wanted to see family before we have our baby in April. I flew in on Tuesday afternoon, Kyle flew in on Thursday night, and we flew home together yesterday (Monday). Our days went like this:

I got up bright and early (as did Kyle) in order to make it to the airport for my 8 am flight. Between mechanical problems and re-routing.... My (re-routed) flight left about 9. I flew to Boise, stayed on the plane, flew to Phoenix, switched flights, and finally made it to SLC around 4. And then of course my luggage gave me a scare when it was one of the last pieces off. Kyle's dad picked me up, and we were finally on the road to go back to their house around 4:45. Long day of traveling.

Later that evening, Kyle's mom hosted a baby shower for me with both the Hanson and Bishop sides. It was a lot of fun seeing some of Kyle's aunts and cousins, and we were gifted with some great things for baby Hanson! My mom and Charity also came, and I went home with them that evening.

Me with 2 of my 3 SIL's, Mel and Jess. They helped host the shower.
Claire helped me open presents, it was super cute.

Just a relaxing day at my mom's. Charity was at school and with her dad most of the day, so Mom and I just chatted and ate and relaxed.

Similar to Wednesday, except Mom threw me a little shower that evening. Mom's two closest friends Becky and Berti came over (they are like grandmas/aunts to me, love them!), as did a friend of my moms in her ward, and another family friend came with her new baby and one of her older girls. There was some delicious food and it was good to see those that came.

Me with friends and my mom at the shower at my mom's.
Me with mom and Char.
Oh, Kyle also flew in this night, at like 9:30 pm or so. He stayed with his parents.

Relaxed in the morning (Charity was off of school), and got ready for the day. After Charity went with her dad for the weekend, Mom and I did a little shopping at the Orem mall, and then she dropped me off for my friend shower that Ayisha, and Dani, threw for me. It was at the church where K and I had our reception, so that was kind of precious, and it was so good to see those that came!
Adrianne and Juliet, Leanna, Jenny, Katie, Shauna, Collin, Alicia and Everett, Em, and Ashley. And of course Ish and Dani. It was so good to see everyone and we got some super cute things! Baby boy is going to be so dang cute in all his cute clothes.

Me with one of my best friends from HS, Collin, and his cute wife Alicia and their baby Everett!
Me and BFF Dani.
Me with my BFF Emily and her cute sister Ashley. I adore them both!
Me and my Isha.
Me and Katie.
This night Kyle had a boys night out with his dad and 2 of his brothers. They went to Smashburger for dinner, played around at Scheels, and had shakes at Iceburg. I'm glad he could have a fun time with his brothers.

Kyle and his dad came and picked me up at my mom's, and we went to Price to visit Kyle's grandma. Nate and Mel also drove down with their kiddos. We had a nice time with them and Grandma, and we also saw Kyle's Uncle Dennis as well.

Kyle and Avery drawing.
Kyle and Liam.
Me and sweet baby A.
Me and Whit.
Kyle and I with his Grandma Hanson. We love her!
We picked up my things, and we drove up to stay at Kyle's parents' house for the rest of our time here. That afternoon, and that evening Alan, Jess and Claire came over for dinner, and it was fun to spend time with them.

We went to church with Kyle's parents, and then I took a nap. Kyle and I drove down to my cousin Troy's house and got together with my Uncle Gordon's family. It was fun to spend time with some of my cousins, their spouses and cute kiddos.

We spent the morning relaxing and playing with Claire (Kyle's parents tend her in the morning). We ran a quick errand, and then packed up our things before Kyle's dad drove us to the airport to catch our 5:40 pm flight. Our flights went fine, although we had a 2.5 hour layover at the Vegas airport that seemed to take forever. We finally made it back to Spokane around 11:30pm or midnight, and made it home and basically fell right into bed.

K and I with Claire.

We had a great time being with family and friends, and are so grateful for all the nice things we received for baby boy! It was kind of crazy leaving Utah, and realizing that next time we see any of our family and friends we will have a baby!

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Shauna said...

It was so fun to see you and celebrate your baby boy!