Saturday, January 19, 2013

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday I went down to Preston with some co-workers. We have an office in Preston, and I had to do some interviews for a part time receptionist down there. The 1.5 hour trip there and back was great - I love my co-workers. I also thoroughly enjoyed our lunch trip to New York Deli. I had a delicious turkey bacon avocado salad. Dr. T got a "special" grilled cheese (two grilled cheese sandwiches with pork brisket in the middle of them) that I think I will definitely have to try the next time. (Heart attack on a plate... Why not?)

Yesterday Kyle had a full day of interviewing for the Counselor Ed program at ISU. I'm sure he did awesome.

Yesterday we went out to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. We tried the Parmesan Garlic sauce and it was delicious.

Yesterday we watched Total Recall. It wasn't terrible, but wasn't the greatest either. I liked it for what it was. (But I like weird-o movies like that.)

Today I slept in. (No dance class today.)

Today I skyped with my bestie.

Today I am listening to Kelly Clarkson (and the new season of Glee - and btw, I really like all the new characters).

Today I watched the performances from the finale of The Voice. I am so glad Cassadee won. Also, I will really miss CeeLo and Christina next season.

Today we will get new tires put on our Sonata.

Today I will hopefully convince Kyle to rent Pitch Perfect.

Today we will probably vacuum.

(In other news, I got my new laptop at work this week, and it is beautiful.)
(And also we are going to Couer D'Alene on Thursday, which means it's a 3 day work week, and a 4 day weekend, woohoo!)

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Lara said...

Parmesan garlic is the best :) Don't you ever get the wild. It's.... scary. Scary spicy. So spicy, it's scary.