Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Tale of Sushi

While we were in Coeur D'Alene (which I'll blog about later...) we went to the restaurant Bonsai Bistro. Kyle got some delicious sweet and spicy chicken, and I was spoiled and got a Vegas Roll and a California Roll. SUSHI! We haven't had sushi since we were dating, so I was SO EXCITED. As you can tell by my typing in ALL CAPS. VEGAS ROLL!!!!!!!


Our waiter was the nicest, and we joked that he was the next Lloyd Newell, because he had the "voice of an angel" according to Kyle. Also, we were seated by little pond with lilypads and fish and turtles, which was awesome.

Sorry it's so dark - camera phone plus low lighting doesn't make for the best pictures.

But here's the funny and exciting part.

After we had ordered, we were unrolling our silverware and chopsticks from napkins, and Kyle's all of a sudden went PLOP! right into the pond. I couldn't help, it was so funny, I probably laughed for like the next 5 minutes. It was priceless. And then the fish tried to eat the chopstick.
Right after that little gem of a moment happened, one of the boys at the table behind Kyle (we were facing each other) started choking, and his dad started doing the Heimlich and the mom was standing up and then everything was fine. And Kyle totally missed it.

Oh man. What a night.

I'm sure glad we went out and got sushi to experience such a thing.

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Shayli said...

Haha Britt! :) I miss you!