Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Monthly Update

(where monthly really means whenever-I-decide-I-want-to-update)

We are busy.
I know everyone is busy.
But we are busy.

Kyle: A over half way through the semester. He is enjoying his classes, mostly, but it's definitely not his favorite semester class wise. He is still interning at one site two days a week for about 5-6 hours each day, is doing one hour of intern at SOH, is working 10 hours a week at SOH, is busy planning activities for CSI, is busy in his calling as a counselor in the Elder's Quorom, and is always being awesome. He generally leaves the house around 8 or 9, and gets back between 6:30 and 9, depending on the day. He is the hardest worker ever. He is currently looking into different schools' PhD programs.... And other options..... So we'll let you know how that goes.

Me: I got a promotion/change in my job last week - and it came into effect on two Mondays ago. They decided to merge the front office and the billing office, and I am now the manager of the new combined department. My desk has moved over to the front desk area, and one of my billing employees was promoted to be my assistant manager, and she moved into my office in the billing department. She is going to keep the billing portion afloat while I take hold of the front office and learn all the policies up there. This week went by pretty fast, and I think things went pretty well. I am enjoying it. The majority of my work experience has been in front office and customer service type settings, so this is not too new to me. Other than that, I am still loving my calling of being in YW. And of course there is always the never ending list of things to clean in my house.


I typed that up last week. And never posted it. I feel like there is more I should blog about, but I can't think of anything. I worked 50 hours this week. That was.... ok. Although I came home on Friday with a sore neck/shoulder, and it's gotten worse :(

But what else have we been up to outside of the above mentioned things? I guess I can update what we did for Halloween. Neither K nor I are big lovers of Halloween. Two Friday's ago was the Counseling Department's Halloween party, which we went to, and was a lot of fun. We love our friends there. Kyle made his famous sugar cookies, and I helped chase around our friend Kasi's little boy, Enzo, who we just love. On actually Halloween we went and grabbed Costa Vida, then watched the Jazz season opener on TV (basketball season already, what?!).
Yesterday I went to Super Saturday, which was a bunch of fun. We had two women in the ward talk about the spirit of Christmas, family traditions, and we learned how to make chocolates. We had a delicious lunch of meatball marinara subs, with some salads and desserts. Then it was craft time. I didn't finish all my crafts (a menu board, three varying sizes of wooden snowmen blocks, coasters) but I will post pictures later when I do finish them. I love our ward so much, and the friends I/we have made there.

And with that little update.... That is the end. I'm so sorry for the boring state of my blog.

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