Friday, November 9, 2012


I found out last night that another friend of mine has passed away. His name is Luke Bateman, and he was a great friend of mine in high school. I'm sad that he's gone, but I wanted to share some memories I have with him, to celebrate the life he lived. I hope you will indulge my little trip down memory lane, in memory of Luke.

I don't remember exactly how or when I met Luke. The majority of my memories come from the first few months of my senior year of high school. One of my best friends at the time was Jamie Pond. We had been YCL's at Girl's Camp that summer (2006) and had become really close. Jamie started dating Luke, and I was dating Braden. Both were on the football team, and so we naturally spent time together.
Homecoming 2006. Braden took me, and Luke took Jamie. We had a huge group for the dance, all of our closest friends, and I can honestly say it was the most fun dance I went to all of high school. We went to a BYU football game, had dinner at Caleb's, Braden's mom took our pictures, and the dance was at the Provo Towne Centre. The four of us spent the majority of the time together, took a bunch of pictures, and had a lot of fun.
Luke and I at Homecoming
Luke and Jamie at dinner
Jamie and I
Our group - Luke in the back middle
That same semester Luke and I had Photography 1 with Mr. Cramer together. Oh my heck. That class was hysterical. Luke and I talked throughout the class, and often went out to do photo projects together. We cracked jokes constantly.We passed notes back and forth, and talked about relationships. During the course of the semester Luke and Jamie broke up, I believe, as did Braden and I. We were able to chat and give advice and be there for each other. (Because as you know, break-ups are hard in high school.)
I have a specific memory of hanging out with Jamie and Luke. It was a late night - perhaps after a football or basketball game? Or just a hang out session in general. For one reason or another we were in north Orem, and as we drove down to south Orem, we stopped at every Wendy's on the way - I know there are at least 3, maybe 4. I don't know why we did that, but it was so fun. The same night Luke and Jamie would kiss at every red light or stop sign, and it cracked me up every time. At one stop sign they played chinese fire drill, and ran around the car. I just remember laughing and laughing and laughing, being with the two of them that night.
I'm sure I have a ton of notes in a box somewhere, from both Jamie and Luke, describing their relationship (and other important high school things, of course).
There was also a specific party that Luke, Jamie, Braden and I attended and just hung out together. The four of us got along so well, and always had a great time.

In general, Luke was just a great guy to be around. He was one of those large, cuddly, teddy bear type of guys, with a huge heart. I have some regrets - I regret not staying in better contact after high school. I regret not asking him more about his life. I regret not knowing what was happening in his life that made him decide to take it.

But I am grateful I had the chance to know Luke and to be close to him, even for just a small period of time. I'm grateful for his friendship, and his smiles, and the laughter he shared and inspired.
I know Luke was loved by so many, and that he will be missed so much.

Until we meet again, my friend.
Rest in peace.

Online obituary here.

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