Saturday, October 22, 2011

Another Weekend

I live for the weekends.

I can spend time with Kyle, catch up on cleaning the house and my to-do list, read, and sleep-in, among other things. I don't think about work. It's lovely.

Last night I met up with Kyle at his department's Halloween party. I met some people in his cohort, along with their significant others and children. Kyle helped the kids decorate cookies while I was the resident face painter. We had a great time. After it was over, we came home and watched X Men: First Class, which I thoroughly enjoyed (and maybe I even cried in it...).

I received a package from my dad yesterday, which was awesome. He knows me so well. A cardigan, some Burts Bees chapstick, a bookmark, and a framed poem about marriage written by my great (x2, I think) grandpa, Joel Hills Johnson. My dad's the greatest, thanks Dad!

Currently K and I are watching the BYU/ISU game. Funny, isn't it, that BYU is playing ISU for the first time in years, and K is attending ISU? Don't worry, we're still rooting for BYU! :) Go Cougars!

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