Monday, October 10, 2011

In Case You Didn't Know...

I'm a blog stalker.
So if any of you reading this haven't met me in real life - no biggie! I probably stalk your blog too. Or if I don't, I would love to. So, comment away - meeting new blog friends is always fun, even if my husband thinks it's silly :)

Now, moving on to our adventures of last weekend.
Woahhhh, it was busy. But so fun, and so worth it. We started by driving down to Nathan and Melanie's on Friday night. We got there around 9:30 (blast working until 6/doing paperwork until 6:30.) We chatted with Nate and Mel for about a half hour before we all went to bed. We woke up the next morning, chatted, played with our favorite kiddos, and ate breakfast. And lunch. Avery is starting to walk and it's the cutest thing ever. Whitney was happy as ever, and Liam was happy to tell us about Star Wars.
After lunch K and I drove down to Provo and went over to Garyn and Jill's for about an hour. We love them. We just chat and chat and have a great time. They rate very high on my list of favorite people. After that, I dropped Kyle off at the Wilk while I went and visited Sarah for an hour and a half. Besties reunited. It was so good to see her and talk to her. Afterwards I picked up Kyle and we drove to Ayisha's where we got ready for Steve and Ginelle's reception. Their reception was great. Steve and I went to high school together and were friends - Ginelle was in my ward at the Riv, and the fall after I got married Steve and a bunch of my other guy friends from high school moved into the Riv ward. Steve and Ginelle met, and as happens in singles wards (specifically the 79th ward....) they are now married. And I love them, they are so great together. And it was also a lot of fun to see some other friends from both the Riv and from high school.
After the reception we drove to my mom's, where we watched Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs with her and Charity before going to bed. (Well, Kyle stayed up to watch the rebroadcast of the BYU game on BYUTV.) Sunday morning we got up, went to church, and then had a delicious lunch. (PS, did I tell you my mom washed our laundry? She's the best. She even steamed Kyle's collared shirts. Such service!) After lunch Kyle and I made the drive to Pleasant Grove to Cory's parents' house where the Boyce and Parker families (as well as Ayisha and Casey) were celebrating the blessing of Baby Kynzlie. She's so precious, and I sure love her mom and dad a lot too!  (That's Janae and Cory, if you missed it.) Then after being there for a while, we drove back up to Pocy, getting here around 8 pm.
Obviously it was a very packed weekend.
Do I have pictures? No. I'm really struggling with that, I'm sorry.

It's currenly 8:21 pm, and Kyle is writing a paper, and after I finish this post I need to finish some paperwork and then I think I'll fold and put away some laundry, and then curl up with one of my library books. We just got back about half an hour ago from K's intramural volleyball game. He's on a team with a bunch of his classmates from his cohort. He's also not feeling real well tonight, which is a bummer :( I hope he feels better soon!


haili hunter said...

dear Britt,
you're life is crazy social...i like it. :)

Jill said...

You're on our top people list too! So good to see you

Steph [my-lyrical-life] said...

LOVE LOVE blog stalking ;)

Lizzie Justice said...

Hello i'm Lizzie and I am a blog stalker!
Whoo! Good to get that out! LOL:D
I came from Haili's (I am one of her friends and actually do know her) blog and I have to admit that I have been stalking you for a while, so as long as you don't think it's weird I am going to keep doing it! And I'll do you one better, Ill actually become a follower:D

Courtney B said...

You are adorable!! I love blog stalking way too much ;)