Monday, May 9, 2011

Florida - day 9

Our last day, and the day at Epcot! Dad came and went with us. I enjoyed all of it... Including a space simulator, we went to Mars! There was also a really cool aquarium that I thought was better than the one at Sea World. It was also the flower and garden festival, so there were a ton of cool topiarys. My favorite part, of course, was France. We ate lunch there.... Delicious quiche, baguettes, creme brulee, napoleons, crepes, pain au chocolat.... The whole nine yards. Dad and I got matching I heart Paris shirts (he served his mission in France) and had a great time. Oh man, I love Paris. And the food. And the Eiffel Tower.

Sadly, it was our last day.. And we had to say goodbye to my dad at the end of the night. But we had a lot of fun, and are so grateful that we were able to go on such an amazing vacation!!

I'm pointing the Bretagne region's flag - Bretagne=Brittany in  French.

Dad and I in our matching shirts!

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