Sunday, May 8, 2011

Florida - day 3

Day 3, the 29th, was the day we drove all around the Tampa area to visit areas from my babyhood. We picked up Dad in the morning, and first we went to Dad's work so I could meet his co-workers. I also came out two cardigans, a pair of capris, and a pair of shorts richer (thanks, Dad!). Then we drove down to Clearwater and visited the hospital where I was born, the apartment I first lived in, and the church were I was blessed. We also went to Honeymoon Island State Park and took a walk on the beach. Later we drove down to St. Petersburg to go to a Tampa Bay Rays game at the Trop! Sadly, they lost, but I walked out of there a Rays fan. Gotta support my team! After the game we had a long drive ahead of us  - to drop my dad back off in Brandon and then drive to our hotel in Orlando and check in.

The hospital!

The church were I was blessed!

My first home, top apartment.

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