Monday, May 9, 2011

Florida - day 5 (Harry Potter!)

Universal Day!
And you know what that means..... Harry Potter!!!! Harry Potter is in the Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios. We spent a lot of time at HP, but also went on a few other rides, and explored Universal Studios as well.
It was amazing. Seriously. Freaking magical.
And yes, I bought a wand. And a t-shirt.
I would go back in a heartbeat.

So, there's going to be an overload of pictures on this blog post. Hope you like them! :)

Steven, Dad, Kyle and I with Hogwarts in the background!

Entrance to Hogsmeade!


Hogwarts Express!

Me and Dad with the conductor. 


The Mirror of Erised.

A Mandrake.

House points.

Entrance to Dumbledore's office. 
Hall of Portraits.

The Pensieve.

Dumbledore's office - Dumbledore is on the balcony!

Ron, Harry, and Hermione are on the balcony, but you can't really see them.

The Sorting Hat!

K and I in front of Hogwarts.





Yum, lunch at the Three Broomsticks!


The Three Broomsticks!


Inside Ollivanders!
Owl Post!!

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