Friday, April 15, 2011

This Week

This week has been a pretty good one.
Classes ended.
I only have 3 finals to take.

Kyle was gone Wednesday morning through this afternoon on a camping trip with his work.
So, I got the car. It was exciting.
Wednesday I hung out with Missy for a minute, and then spent 3 hours over at Janae's.
Thursday I went out to lunch with my mom at the Olive Garden, and went to Target.
I got a new planner, and a makeup bag, and lots of our pictures printed for me to scrapbook!
Then, Ayisha came over and we had a sleepover.
Sleepovers are awesome.
We reminisced about high school, and boys, and our friendship, and the stupid things we did...
Love my best friend.

Today I'm at work, and then when I go home Kyle will be home, and then we get to go to Sammy's for our date night! Yes! I'm excited. I love Sammy's, and date night, and especially Kyle.

This weekend I'll study and take finals.
Next week I'll finish finals, and we'll go to Pocatello (maybe) to look around and familiarize ourselves with the place.
And then the next week (in 12 days!) we go to Florida.

(ps, our year anniversary is 3 weeks from today, what?!)


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Sammy's is awesome. I love their pie shakes. :)