Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Real Post

Sometimes I really want to be the perfect Mormon wife.
You know, have a cutely decorated house/apartment, someone who cans food and jam, who bakes bread weekly, who magnifies her calling, who keeps a clean house, who always looks put together, who keeps a darling blog about her family, and never speaks ill of others, someone who puts together a darling scrapbook, and crafts sometimes too.
And you know what? I"m going to keep working on that goal.

But, I want you (the blog reader) to know that I am a real person.
So here you go:

I'm silly. I dance around in my pj's and sing in the shower and in the car.
Sometimes I don't clean and my house is a mess and I sit down on facebook or google reader for an hour or two.
I PMS sometimes too, and do stupid and silly things.
I gossip sometimes, even though I don't want to.
Sometimes I don't do my hair because I'm simply lazy.
I've gained 30 pounds since high school. That's probably not good.
Sometimes the dishes are in the sink until Kyle does them.
I love awkward situations.
I make lame jokes, and I think they're so funny.
I probably make myself seem smarter than I am.
I'm not a good thinker - well, analyzer.
I blog stalk.
I really love to read.
I get super loopy when I'm tired, and I love Dr. Pepper.
I've make some dumb decisions in the past, but I'm thankful for the path I'm on.
I love the major I chose ... Family Life and Human Development.
But I haven't always worked hard at school, and my GPA shows it.
I'm not ambitious enough to go to graduate school.
Sometimes I'm grumpy.
Sometimes I'm needy.
I really have a testimony of the Gospel.
I hate running.
Secretly, I'm really really really painfully shy.
I really want to be a mom.
But sometimes I really want to be a career woman. (One time I thought I'd get an MBA... Ha. Hahaha.)
Basically I'm a big huge oxymoron.

And you know what?
It's ok.
I can work and I can improve on myself.... But I'm always going to be a real person.
Not a fake one.
And that makes me happy with myself.


The Lummus Family said...

This makes me happy.

Katie said...

I think you just described me... even down to what you majored in...

Excpept I'm not a wife. Yet. :)

Molly said...

Yay for being real! :)

Natalie said...

This is so cute! I am glad that I am not the only one with the Perfect wife goal! Love you Britt!

Anonymous said...

it's true.
I love you.
he he.

ps. I secretly hope you got my letter.


You rock Britt
and I miss you.
Like a fat boy would miss his chocolate cake if someone ate it.


Ayisha said...

I adore this post. It's ok. I think everyone is a big oxymoron :) I know I am!! Haha Love you. You're so great, even if you're not yet to your desired state of 'mormon wife perfection'

Ky said...

I love this. Can I just tell you...awesome. But I hope you know, it's all of these things that makes you who you are, and we all love you for it!!! Aaaaand thanks for admitting you waste time online and have gained weight (your weight gain I can't believe though. But if you have, it means you're finally now normal and are just slightly smaller than the rest of us now instead of being incredibly smaller :) ) because it made me smile and reminded me I was normal. Thanks girl! You're amazing!

AdrianneJayne said...

I love you just the way you are!

Lindsay Brooke. said...

love this, love youuu.