Friday, April 8, 2011

On Conference

I haven't blogged about conference yet since I was waiting for the talks to be available on
Now the text is available, woohoo! So I can share some of my favorite quotes with you.

Elder Bednar's talk was one of my favorites.
He spoke about the Spirit of Revelation.
He shared my favorite quote from President Joseph F. Smith which reads: 

"... But the Lord withheld marvels from me, and showed me the truth, line upon line … , until He made me to know the truth from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet, and until doubt and fear had been absolutely purged from me. He did not have to send an angel from the heavens to do this, nor did He have to speak with the trump of an archangel. By the whisperings of the still small voice of the spirit of the living God, He gave to me the testimony I possess. And by this principle and power He will give to all the children of men a knowledge of the truth that will stay with them, and it will make them to know the truth, as God knows it, and to do the will of the Father as Christ does it. And no amount of marvelous manifestations will ever accomplish this."

One of my seminary teachers shared this quote when we were studying D&C 98:12, which reads: 
"For he will give unto the faithful line upon line, precept upon precept; and I will try you and prove you herewith."

The principle of line upon line has always been one of my favorites.
Yes, the musical Saturday's Warrior may be completely ridiculous and cheesy, but I have always loved the song "Line Upon Line" that Pam sings

Line upon line, precept on precept
That is how He lifts us
That is how He teaches His children.
Line upon line, precept on precept
Like a summer shower
Giving us each hour His wisdom.
If we are patient we shall see
Hopw the pieces fit together in harmony.
We'll know who we are in this big universe
And then we'll live with Him forever!
Line upon line, precept on precept
That is how He lifts us
That is how He teaches His children.
Line upon line, precept on precept
Like a summer shower
Giving us each hour His wisdom.
How amazing is it that we will one day know the truth as God knows it.
Isn't it?
This principle has always been dear to my heart.
I love that Elder Bednar talked about the "simpleness of the way" (simple being one of my favorite words...) and how he compared gaining revelation to a sunrise, subtle and gradual... "whereby this blessing is received, the light it provides will illuminate and enlarge your soul, enlighten your understanding."

And of course Elder Scott's talk was a favorite of almost everyone I have talked to. He spoke on the Eternal Blessings of Marriage.
Some of my favorite quotes are as follows:

"The temple sealing has greater meaning as life unfolds. It will help you draw ever closer together and find greater joy and fulfillment in mortality... Pure love is an incomparable, potent power for good. Righteous love is the foundation of a successful marriage... It is so rewarding to be married. Marriage is wonderful. In time you begin to think alike and have the same ideas and impressions. You have times when you are extremely happy, times of testing, and times of trial, but the Lord guides you through all of those growth experiences together."

I truly am so blessed to be married to my best friend. 
I'm so grateful for the blessings that come from the Gospel and the Temple. 
Marriage is awesome, and I'm so grateful that I have Kyle, who will always be there for me and who is  someone I can always turn to when I have a problem, or question.

I know this Gospel is true. 
I know Christ lives.
And I know that one day, I'll be able to live with him again. 


Godfrey's said...

This was a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing Britt, I really enjoyed the little recap of conference. Love you!

Rue Lynn said...

When you started to speak line up line...I thought of Saturday's Warrior too.

Leanna Wagstaff said...

ooo i love this. great blog britt.

p.s. i haven't forgotten to respond to your email.. it makes me smile/love you more everytime i read it. i guess i like opening my email each time and seeing it sitting there still.. meaing i still have to respond to it.. so i get to keep reading it until i do? i dunno. im weird.

loving your blog. and you of course.