Friday, February 11, 2011

Things On My Mind

* I have a couple of papers I should be writing, and a test to study for, and... well, the homework just never ends, does it? And even though I have no plans, I have no desire to do any homework on a Friday night. None.

* I'm missing the summer of 2008. You know, when I worked 40-50 hours a week at Seven Peaks? And I made the best work friends EVER. And we partied all the time, and had so much fun, and did all sorts of crazy things? Seriously, best summer ever. Oh, I loved it. Britt, Tyler, Kayla, Aubs, Malae, Joe, Jason, Trevon (well, Trevon was summer of 2009), Jeremy, Pete, Becca, etc. etc. etc. I love you guys.

* I've also been thinking about my senior year of high school, starting in summer of 2006, and ending with summer of 2007. That was one of the best years ever. There was so much drama, and ridiculousness, but so much fun, and I had the most awesome senior year. 

* Ayisha and I partied it up last night, and had so much fun. We visited Dani, too. I seriously could not ask for better best friends. I have a lot of best friends, but Dani and Ayisha have been there for me the longest, and w're just as tight as ever. Oh my. Love you both, so much.

* Lastly, I want to go to dance party.

(Apparently this was my 200th post, who knew?)

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Anna said...

I love dance parties! I want to go to there too :)