Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Everybody Loves Britt, Especially Me

First off, Thanks to Katie for writing nice things about my wife on your blog! You made her feel great. I thought I'd write a few nice things of my own cause I happen to think she is pretty special. Besides it is the month of love so why not write a blog post all about how great she is?

I could just say she is like Jesus and be done with it but I'll be more specific. She is very positive. She never complains. One of my pet peeves is when people complain so one of the reasons I love Britt so much is because she doesn't. She hasn't had the easiest life but you would never guess it.

Britt might not be the most outgoing person but she sure does have a lot of friends (none of you except my Mom are reading this because of me). She loves to talk to everyone and is interested in all of the things her friends do no matter how long it has been since she last talked to them. I wish I could be more like that. I don't think there is anyone who knows her that doesn't love her. She is just too nice to not like. Everywhere we go she has a friend or knows someone, and I mean EVERYWHERE.

She is happy just reading a book or just being with me. We don't have to do extravagant things to have fun together. We can just watch sports or read blogs. One of us likes the former a lot more and one likes the latter a lot more, but sometimes we do them together! When I do take her out to do different things she is always very appreciative. She makes me feel like its ok that I have a degree and still don't make us any money. She does not act entitled. She is a good listener and she thinks more about others than she does about herself. She worries a lot about her family and friends and she loves them a lot.

Britt doesn't take too long to get ready. Most of the time she is waiting on me. Also she looks great without makeup (just thought I'd throw that in there cause its true). Even though she spends lots of time in class and at work she still plans great meals and makes me yummy food. I cook sometimes too but mostly because I like to.

Also she has an amazing smile. I think she looks like an angel (fine you're right, I don't know what angels look like but I can imagine!) when she smiles. She loves to have fun and she always makes me happy when I am stressed out or not feeling good (like right now, I hate colds and winter!!). I love that she has a great sense of humor and likes the same movies as me. Anchorman anyone?

She always makes me feel good about myself even when she probably shouldn't. She never makes me feel guilty about being at work a lot on nights and weekends. She doesn't tell me I'm a crappy husband even when I am. I do dumb things a lot but she always tells me I'm smart regardless and makes me feel like I'm doing a good job.

I can think of a lot of other reasons I love her, but since many of those are only reasons for me to love her I'll spare you. Don't worry though I tell her all the time.

Britt you're beautiful and you're the very bestest sweetheart! Thanks for loving me!

PS Go Cougars. Just had to throw that in there.


Leanna Wagstaff said...

your a sweet husband kyle!

i love your wife as well.. a lot a lot. she is the best, and always makes me feel like im her best friends in the whole world. thats probably my very favorite britter quality. she makes every person feel like they are her number one favorite person, no matter what.

she is an unreal gem, for reals. and i love her.

great post tall one.

Rock on jimmer, you give us all reason to live. especially because you could currently beat the jazz, single handedly. judy marlow!

Rue Lynn said...

Well...I have to agree with you Kyle, Brittanny is an amazing girl, or I should I say young lady. Of course I am a little prejudice.I wish I could take credit, but alas all I can say she has my best DNA. I just hope she knows that there is never a day I don't think about her, felt guilty and remind our Heavenly Father to take care of her. She will be forever my little girl. As long as you see her at her best, your love will grow stronger. And by the way, Kyle you're great too.

Haili Hunter said...

:D... Couldn't have said it better myself!