Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hey, world!

We're still alive here at the Hanson household.
Lots of school and work has been happening.

Last weekend I got to hang out with my BFF Ayisha. 
Love her.  
We went to Brian's reception, which was hilarious and fun. 

I also went to a work party.
My BFF boss left us for a better position.
Basically we're all best friends in my department at work. And the party was so much fun! We chatted and played "Curses" and ate and just partied it up!

Oh, so, that party was on Saturday night, and Stephanie planned out.
However, we planned a surprise party for her during work on Friday, which was also fun. 
We planned a Hawaiian Luau theme, since Stephanie served her mission in Hawaii.
We'll miss you, Steph.
(When I get back to my home computer I'll post a picture from the party.)

What else?
We had a fun Super Bowl Sunday with Alan and lots of goodies.
This weekend Kyle's cousin's baby Mason will be blessed, and we'll also go to Bud's reception.
And I'll have a girls night, and then it'll be Valentine's Day and we'll celebrate being in love.

Also, yesterday was my Dad's birthday - so Happy Birthday, Dad!

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