Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Engagement!

We're engaged, yay!! Ok, so the bulk of this is copied and pasted from my personal blog, but that's ok. I only wanted to type it all up once, haha. We're so excited though! And our day is May 6th!!

Kyle came to church with me yesterday, since my church is earlier than his, and we were planning on going up to Salt Lake to visit his best friend's family and then going to his brother's house for dinner. We wanted to eat lunch before we started our small journey though. So on Saturday, we had planned to go on a picnic, but Kyle said he was "too tired" and how about we switched it to Sunday after church, and go up by the temple? I was totally ok with that. Note that it is not uncommon for us to go on picnics, or to go visit the temple grounds. So nothing was out of place there.
So, after church we made pb&j's, got some chips, and went up around the back side of the temple, where there is a sort of hill overlooking the temple. We laid out our blanket, ate our food, and then chatted for a little bit. We had brought my Eternal Marriage manual with us, so we could read a talk (also not uncommon, we try to read a talk every day). Kyle was like, how about we read this one today? Which happened to be about Love and Unity. I thought he had just picked one at random... (hahaha) so we read that. When we got to a certain point in the talk, Kyle said something to the effect of he loved me and wanted to marry me. Now, we're cheesy like that all the time, so I said the same thing back and settled down to finish the talk. At about this point, he was kind of starting to get up, and told me to stand up. I was all sorts of confused, considering we hadn't finished the talk yet. I started standing up, and asked, "why?" He said because I want to ask you to marry me! He asked me, and I said yes without even thinking. I was so in shock that it had happened! After that, he took me over to his car, where he had had his roommates Sam and Garyn come and left a dozen roses, and a card on the seat. Sam and Garyn were actually hiding up in a cul-de-sac taking pictures, so then they came down and Sam took a few more.

So, I had picked out my ring, and Kyle had the final say on my diamond and everything (such as sizing) should have been good to go, but because my ring size is so small (a size 4) the jeweler dudes decided it would just be safer to just make a new one in my size, so no diamonds fell out or anything. Something like that. So, that takes 4-6 weeks. Kyle decided he didn't want to wait that long, so I just got the diamond set in a simple solitaire setting until my ring comes in! It's still so pretty though, and the diamond is gorgeous, very sparkly, and colorless! :)

And there's the story!

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