Monday, October 12, 2009

Meeting of the Mothers

Saturday Britt and I had lunch with my mom and hers! It was great. Britt finally got to meet my Mom. She is really nice. Like me. Hmm, maybe thats why I turned out to be such a nice fellow. So that was really good. I miss having my parents around, but they like Oklahoma so that is good (Remember how BYU beat OU, I totally do!). We had a good lunch and we talked about important stuff...I think, but I don't really remember....Anywho it was fun and our mothers talked and talked and talked! We both have great Moms.

Today we are supposed to take some pictures for those things you send to people. The ones that invite them to eat chocolate eclairs and bring you gifts when you get married!! Yeah those ones. Apparently its a big deal. I'll try and look nice but lets be honest no one is going to be looking at me anyways. Duh. I know I won't be... Yeah, I think she is cute.

Hmm other than that life is busy busy busy. I'm preparing for the GRE on Halloween (Its the bye in the football schedule). Ugh. I should probably be taking a practice test for it right now. FOIL, order of operations, all that junk that I forgot a long time ago and I really don't want to remember.

So I think I shall end this post, but tomorrow we will have been engaged for a whole month!! Only like 6 1/2 more to go.

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