Thursday, February 14, 2013


I think Valentin's Day is sort of a silly holiday. I mean, shouldn't we be celebrating the people we love always? That said... It does do a little to brighten up the cold and dreadful month of February. And it gives me a reason to be all cheesy for a day :) 

With that out of the way, I want to write a little love note about my very own Valentine.

Kyle is, simply put, the best.
He is the best because he can always make me laugh. We have a really similar sense of humor, that is kind of ridiculous but we love it. On top of that, when I am in a really crazy mood, he will laugh at me - since I think I am being hilarious. I love laughing with him.
He is the best because he is so kind and caring, and is always looking out for me. And he doesn't even get too mad even when I spend too much on fast food. Or clothes. Or shoes.
He is the best because he is patient. He was patient when I was deciding to date him, he was patient when I was deciding to marry him, he is patient now when I am a cranky pants and moody.
He is the best because he will listen to me incessantly ramble about my friends, TV shows, books, work, and any thing else that strikes my fancy, even though he really doesn't care. Also he watches TV shows with me -  such as Pretty Little Liars and Downton Abbey.
He is also dang cute.

Thanks for being my forever, Kyle.
I love you more than you know!

I just found this little gem of a picture. I had forgotten about it. Aren't we cute?

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