Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Worst Decision I Ever Made

The worst decision I ever made, happened in college my sophomore year, and goes as follows...

First, here is an excerpt from the blog I was keeping at that point in my life:

Later that night {that night being a Sunday, in February 2009}, Nat, Em, Brad, JJ, Jordan and I went down to Spanish Fork for a game night at one of Gillian's friend's houses. We played Murder in the Dark, and other fun games. At about 1:oo am we decided to call it a night. But then some of the people who we had just met that night (Gavin, Brittany, Allie and Cole) decided they wanted to go to the hot pots. Mike, Trent and Rachel decided to go too. I didn't want to be completely irresponsible, so I said I would only go if Brad went. Brad (and Jordan) decided to go too, so I felt pretty safe going. We came back to the Riv, got our swimsuits on, and drove back down to Spanish Fork to meet up with the other 7 who were going. We drove down to Fillmore and got there at about 4:00 am. Oh, funny note, on the way down, Cole (who was in the other car) called and we put him on speaker phone while we said a prayer. We built a bonfire, and swam, and told stories, and just had a good time. We got out at 6-ish. Dried off, and were on the road by 6:30 am. I got home at about 8:00 am. What a crazy night!! It was so fun though. 

The one picture that I have from the night. Rachel and I freezing. Let's remember, this was in February!

Some additional thoughts:
So, I decided to only go if Brad went. Brad being someone who I had known for like 6 months, as opposed to the couple of weeks (or 1 day) that I had known the other people going. Brad was also my best friend's brother, so that had to be safe, right? (I am being totally flippant, I did, and still would, trust Brad with my life - but still... I was being dumb, but trying to be kind of responsible, also.)

Also, I am glad that we said a prayer together over speaker phone in the two cars. But really? I am grateful that I didn't die somewhere on the freeway between Spanish Fork and Fillmore at 3 am. 

I drove down in Trent's truck (we were slightly crushing on each other at the time) and I spilled Dr. Pepper in his truck. His truck is his baby. I was amazed he still talked to me after that. {this was also the day after our first date that happened to be on Valentine's Day.}

I also don't remember building a bonfire, but I suppose we must have since I blogged about it.

I was almost completely irresponsible and it is still a night I hold as one of my best memories from the single life. But I would still be horrified if one of my future kiddos does that in college. 

I have so many other stories from college (mainly sophomore year) that would entertain and embarrass you. I should probably start a blog series called "The Dumb and Crazy Things I Did My Sophomore Year of College". Seriously. I think I will. Then you will see.
{such posts to look forward to would be Spirit Animal Parties, Halloween, ABDC parties, RS Retreats, Photo Scavenger Hunts, Black and White Party, Crazy Hair Party, Roadtrip to Cali, MG get-togethers, something that involves pudding, and many more....}

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