Friday, June 15, 2012


This week has been super busy. 
Between working, internship, running errands, church callings, etc - we have hardly spent time together. However, we did have a great time on Wednesday night, when we met up with a bunch of Kyle's friends from the counseling program and their families to go bowling. 
There are a lot of great people in the counseling program, and Kyle and I have enjoyed getting to know them!
Here we are at the bowling alley.

Last night I had to work until about 8:30 pm. It was a long day.
BUT, today I am getting off at 2:30, and we are heading down to Provo to celebrate Charity's 9th birthday! I am so excited, and I cannot believe she is turning 9 tomorrow. 
I am old :)

Also, I just want to say that I love my car!
I feel like it was made just for me.

Happy Weekend, everyone! 

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