Sunday, June 17, 2012

Family, Friends, and a Birthday

This weekend we went down to Utah, primarily to celebrate my little sister's birthday. She turned 9 yesterday! I can't believe it.... She is still permanently 3 years old in my head. 
Anyway, we had a great time, and got to see quite a few of our friends!

We got to my mom's right in time for dinner, and then spent the rest of the night opening presents, eating cake, and playing with presents. We also watched the movie "Eragon" which is Charity's current favorite.

Opening presents!
Charity got a little set where she got to dig for rocks and gems. It was a hit, and she loved it!
Chari said she wanted a Bambi cake. This is what happened. Be jealous of my cake decorating skills.
Blowing out all NINE candles!
My cute Kyle and I.
Silly faces! 
A more normal picture...
I love my little family.

 Saturday morning and early afternoon K and I spent with my mom and Charity, just hanging out. Then later that afternoon we visited my BFF Sarah, and then spent the rest of the night with our married BFF's Jill and Garyn, and Tyler and Alishia. We love them!

Me and Sarah!
Me and Jill!

We had a great little weekend getaway! 


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