Monday, March 12, 2012

I have like 5 drafts started and not published.

I was just about to work out. I had my work out clothes on, was about to go get my weights, and put on Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. I was prepared to die. And then I was going to make some brownies. But, as I was crossing the living floor from our bedroom to the kitchen, I saw a spider scurry across the floor and perhaps disappeared in my slippers or under the couch. I was even kind of brave and nudged it with my shoe while holding Kyle's slipper ready to get that bad boy. But nothing moved. Was there really a spider? I don't know. But I sure as heck ain't working out anymore. I am now on the couch on the opposite side of the room, looking over at the slippers every 20 seconds, and sure that every little tickle I feel against my skin is a rabid spider. I didn't even put my back against the couch for like ten minutes, but that got uncomfortable.
And Kyle is at a game which is why I am not moving from this couch until he comes home. No sir.

So I thought I would blog. Since, like the title of this blog posts says, I have a bunch of things to say that are probably not remotely interesting.

March is the favorite month in the Hanson family.
March Madness, Corned Beef, and Kyle's Birthday. Plus Easter and General Conference are just days away! Mmm, mmm, good. This is also a crazy busy month for Kyle, poor guy. I will also start working out this month. (Yes, I know it's the middle of the month.) (And clearly I just failed for today.)
I really am going to start a work out routine and stick with it. I started the 30 Day Shred once before... and did it once. Fail. But it made me really sore that first (and only) time so I am sure that it will yield awesome results. I might not do it every day. I'm aiming for 3 times a week. and perhaps running the other 2 days? That might be pushing it... I am not an athletic or working out type of person. But I am really going to stick with it and get the results I want. Don't go all "oh but you're so skinny and you look great on me." Thanks, but no thanks. Although I do enjoy when people tell me I look like I've lost weight. That, I'll take. I know I am small and not as big as some people. I also know what I used to look like, and what I look like now. I know what I used to weigh, and what I weight now. I know what clothes I used to fit into, and what clothes I do not fit in now.
I would like to lose some tummy flab, tone my arms and legs, and lose a little hip fat as well. I have hips. I have a bum. I know that and to be honest I love that. But I still have pounds and inches to lose.
Ok, rant over.
ALSO another reason to work out is because we are having a biggest loser Hanson family challenge! We all weighed in last Sunday, and will see who "wins" by the time we all get together for our California vacation in 4 months! I don't expect to win, but I do expect to show some improvement.

Ok, now really this rant about working out and weight is over.

Last night we had a Bishop's panel youth fireside. It was so much fun. We had all the youth in the ward together, plus leaders. The youth had all submitted questions annonymously that they wanted answered, and then we had a panel of three couples - the Bishop and his wife, a couple in the ward who have three children, and a young couple, not even married a year. They took turns answering questions, and we ranged from laughing hysterically to feeling the Spirit so strongly. It was amazing. I love my calling.
And speaking of my calling - last week we had a clothes swap. Every one (including leaders) brought in clothes that we had lying around that weren't getting worn, and we laid them all out and went "shopping"! It was so fun. There were a ton of clothes - and we all got some great stuff. I got about 4 shirts, a pair of dress pant capris, a pair of work out capris, two skirts, a scarf, and a pea coat made out of sweatshirt material, if that makes sense. We had a bunch of clothes left over that we donated to DI. Oh man. Free clothes. My favorite. And spending time with those girls. My other favorite.

Another random thought - my long hair. I haven't had hair this long since my junior year of high school. I still don't really want to cut it, although it will need a trim soon. And also, my hair is not only long, it is thick. And so I feel like it is taking me over sometimes, especially in pictures. All you can see is my crazy hair. It takes over my clothes, and people in pictures with me. Still loving it though. Not going to cut it for a while....

K and I are awesome. I love him. He loves me. We have an awesome life together and have done awesome things together and things are only going to get better.
My life rocks.

Wow. Ok.
That was a word vomit post if there ever was one. Sorry about that. Kudos to you if you got through it!
And there weren't even any pictures... So, here are some random ones - as if this post wasn't random enough already.

We are best friends. (Ish, who's not in this picture? ahahaha)
And this was at the Kenny Chesney concert, summer 2007.

Crayyyzyyyy. Love my Nat and Em.
Festival of Colors 2010.

I love burgers.

I do not love celery?

Not a flattering picture - but hey, see how skinny I was!
I'l like to look like that again, please.

Again. Example of skinny.

I hope you enjoyed this post.


Chelseasaurus said...

Oh Brit. I miss you.

Kates said...

speaking of skinny pics...that one you commented on on facebook? all i could think was "man I was skinny then. what happened?!" boo.

Jill said...

I really did enjoy that... a lot

Erin Despain said...

I'm doing the 30 Day Shred, too! Well, trying to. I've started it once or twice and then given up after one or two days... But I just finished today and I am determined to be consistent and actually do 30 days of it. It's a great work out, hopefully it works and i actually "shred" the pounds off!