Monday, March 5, 2012

The Best Family

We have the best family ever. We love them.

Our weekend activities went like this:
Friday: Get to Nate and Mel's around 4. Ate dinner with the whole family (Mom and Dad, Mel and kids, Blaine and Brooke and kids, Alan, K and I) minus Nathan and Jess and Claire. After dinner we all drove up to meet Nathan at his work (where Jess and Claire also joined us). Nate works doing computer programming for planetarium type things, so we were able to have our own private viewing of some of the different shows in the planetarium dome thing. It was pretty cool. The kids loved it.
We went back to Nate and Mel's after and just chatted before K and I went over to Kyle's cousin Lori's house in Magna, which is were we slept since there were so many Hanson's in town.
Saturday: Got up, got ready, and headed back over to Nate and Mel's. Brooke and I went and did a little shopping. Then we came back to the house and all just spent time together. Alan, Jess and Claire came over, as well as Kyle's Uncle Dennis and Aunt Sandra who brought up Grandma Hanson as well. We ate a big lunch together and just spent more time together. Later that night, my mom and Charity came up, and we all went to baby Claire's blessing, which was great. 
Afterwards the majority of us went back to Nate and Mel's and chatted after the kids were put to bed.
Sunday: Got up, got ready and went to church together. We came home, ate some lunch and had quiet time/nap time. The whole Hanson family then had dinner together again, and spent more time together before Kyle and I were the ones to break up the party as the first to leave. 

It got a little crazy - I mean all together there are 10 adults and 7 kids under 8 - but we had a great time being together. K and I were glad to come back to our little, quiet home though :) But we are looking forward to August when we are all together again in Oceanside, CA!

And now... Wayyyy too many pictures. Enjoy!

K playing with Logan.

Me and Avery.

If Avery saw that I had the camera out she would run over and get right in my face saying "chee, chee"!

So freakin' cute.

She's my buddy.

Ohhh cute Logan.

Grandpa and Luke!

K, Liam and Allie. 

Grandma Hanson, Evan, and Whit.

Logan and Luke! Our twin nephews!

K and I at Claire's blessing.

With my mom!

Sis and I.

Sweet baby Claire.

Me and the newest Hanson.

Evan and Holly with Claire.

Brooke and I!

Ohhh sweet baby A.

Holly and Luke just chillin'.

Evan and Claire.

Little Luke. He's quite serious, so this is a pretty good smile to catch on camera!

Evan and Holly with their seven grandkids!

Me with Logan and Luke.

Me with Liam and Allie - they didn't really want to take a picture.

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