Saturday, January 7, 2012

Paris Day

Today was Paris day at our house. And it was all planned for and prepared by my Kyle. It started off with planning a date night, and turned into a practically all day affair.
It started off with flowers on the kitchen table....
Then, for breakfast: crepes, complete with strawberries and Nutella!
For lunch: cheese, bacon and ham quiche!
For dinner: chicken cordon bleu, french cut green beans, french bread, with creme brulee for dessert!

Followed by watching: Midnight in Paris!

Kyle did all the cooking, and it all turned out delicious! That homemade creme brulee - to die for! We hadn't tried making that before, but we will definitely be making it again in the future.

Thanks, babe for a great day!


Godfrey's said...

Aww how cute are you guys! What a good idea.

Annika said...

Your hair is getting so long!!! You're beautiful!