Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Little Reminiscing

Just a few pictures of some of my favorite (single) times, 2008-2009.

Hanging with this crew all the time, plus some.
Becoming best friends with these two, and having multiple crazy adventures, sleep overs, late nights, long chats,  quoting movies and youtube videos, etc. etc. etc.
Being roommates with this girl and our long random chats.
Hanging with the best FHE brothers EVER all the time.
(And hey, I married one of them, and so I still get to hang with him all the time and  it's AWESOME.)
Random adventures with these ladies.
And these ones.
And these ones. (So thankful for the internet to keep us connected.)
Becoming besties with these two fabulous ladies and doing all things fun together.
Being in a fantastic RS Presidency with these wonderful girls.
Learning a lot, and having a ton of fun.
Working with these ladies.
(Although this was not in my single years but my married one[s].)
And the rest of the crew.

 I had the best BYU experience.
Really, I did.
And I'm so grateful for all I learned.
And for all the memories I made.
Thanks, guys.

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