Thursday, January 12, 2012


I'm just sitting here thinking about how awesome my life is.

Kyle is awesome. He is my best friend and also lover and also my forever. He makes me laugh every day. ("Promise to make me laugh?" "Every day." Name that movie and you get a prize.) And he is such a hard worker and is going to be such an amazing daddy some day.

Also, my new job is awesome. And actually my new responsibilities are kind of overwhelming but also will be great. And I am learning so much. And working in an office is great. And even the kids/adults I do PSR with are great. And not driving out of town is great. And working a full 40 hour week is great (especially when it comes to my bank account.)

And my BYU experience was the greatest ever. Totally awesome. Great roommates, great adventures, great friends, great relationships, great stories, etc etc etc. I loved it all. (Maybe this is hindsight talking because I know I did not think it was awesome at the time but really it was.) I am even saying all my trials were awesome. Trials equals school, homework, callings, roommates, money problems, job(s), boys, friends, etc. All were great.

My life is great because the Gospel is great and because the people in my life are great.

AWESOME, possum, is my life.

PS - you can check out my new little project here.


Rachel Ann said...

The movie quote would be Legacy. Which still makes me cry every single time.

And... I love this post. Because life IS good. God IS good.

I hope only the best for you. I sure miss seeing you. I know life has to move on but I wish we could still go to Dr. Nelson's class!

Bryan and Anna said...

Love your little side project! Great idea :)