Saturday, July 9, 2011


* First and foremost, we found an apartment! I have been stressing like no other. Yesterday at work was the worst. I had found a few places we liked and then a few hours later they were taken off the website. We found another place, but it was a hassle to fill out the application and then we realized it didn't have a washer and dryer and it was far from campus. I was frustrated and upset. Then I got an email from a woman named Trissa whos facebook ad I had replied to a week before. She apologized that she had been out of town. She sent me some pictures, we talked on the phone, I talked with Kyle, and then called her back and said we'd take it. 

The basics? It's a 2 bedroom basement apartment just 2 blocks away from campus. Our landlords live two houses away and are LDS (which is great!). It's $500/month and that includes utilities. There is no washer and dryer, but we decided that the pros outweighed the cons. We're excited about our new place! And of course, it was another testimony building experience. I really feel like this will be a great place for us.

* Kyle ran a half marathon this morning! I was a bad wife and stayed in bed instead of going to support him (it's hard with only one car!) but he did great. His time was 1 hour and 59 minutes. He's looking forward to running a full marathon on July 25th.

* I colored my hair. I got the bottom of my hair dyed a dark brown-black (called a window). It was time for a little bit of a change, so that's what I decided to do! 

I think that's about it. We move 5 weeks from today! Charity is coming over for a sleepover tonight. We're going to go to Color Me Mine and just have a good time. I love that little sister of mine :)


Shauna said...

Let's get together before you guys move! We're going to miss you guys and our once every few months get togethers!

Molly said...

Color Me Mine is so fun! Congratulations on finding a place to live! We'll miss you guys when you move. :(