Monday, July 18, 2011

On Harry Potter 7.2 (yes, there are spoilers)

Here's my blog post about Harry Potter 7.2.
Or at least, my thoughts on it. I will also post about what HP means to me, and post about our experience waiting in line (with pictures). I'm a little behind since I had no time to post last week, so I'll get it all out today.


I loved everything to do with McGonagall and Neville

Loved that they showed us the Chamber of Secrets happenings and the Ron/Hermione kiss was perfect.

I loved the last shot of the golden trio before the epilogue started

I loved when the teachers put up the shield around Hogwarts, I also loved when the Death Eaters started breaking it down. It was just so well done and I had the chills.

Molly killing Bellatrix went too fast for me, but I still liked it. Also I had always pictured her shrieking her line instead of using it as a threat, but that's ok.

I loved Snape's memories, although I wish they would have done the scene were Severus says "I thought we were supposed to be best friends" and Lily says something like, "we are, but I can't keep sticking up for you" - I feel like that would have helped the audience see that they really were like BFF. And that Snape is not Harry's dad. WTF people who thought that? Lily Potter is not a skank.
I liked Snape crying out his memories.
Snape holding Lily with crying baby Harry in the background made me sob.
I loved Snape looking at Harry in the eyes and saying "you have your mother's eyes."
Basically everything to do with Snape I loved.
His death was violent, shocking and appropriate.

Fred and George's moment on the roof made my heart break.

When Harry walked off to sacrifice himself and Ron and Hermione stayed back and cried. Except I wish there would have been a three way hug. 

I wish Dumbledore's life would have been addressed.

I also wish the Hallows had been addressed.

I also kind of wish that the House Elves and Centaurs would have been in on the fight.

I have not decided how I feel about Harry popping out in the Great Hall to taunt Snape.

Loved Harry and Ginny's kids in the epilogue, but that was really it. Epilogue was not my faovrite scene, but that's ok. I still enjoyed it.

Helena Bonham Carter is awesome - her acting as Hermione as Bellatrix was so well done.

The Forbidden Forest scene was perfect. From Lily, Sirius, James and Lupin, to Harry dying.... It was great.

I wish they would have used more of the original music. 

I'm so happy they kept all the great lines of the book in.

I actually really liked the Kings Cross scene.

The final battle between Harry and Voldemort I half liked, half hated. I wish there would have been more cursing and talking and less flying around together and such.
I wish it would have been more like the book, but I also kind of liked that it was just the two of them at the very end.

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