Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Laid Off

Wow, what a crazy couple of days it has been.

Where do I even start?

I went into work yesterday, kind of sad the weekend was over, but ready to hop into work. 
By the time I had been at work an hour, I had been told that we might not have jobs after that day.
After cancelling out appointments for the day, we were all sent home.
I thought perhaps it was a mistake, and that things would work out.
I didn't hear anything for the rest of the night.

This morning, I decided to check my email on my home computer before heading into work.
I'm glad I did.
In my email was an email from the CEO of the company, explaining the situation, and letting us know that the company was closing, and that we were all now unemployed.
Laid off.

Neither myself or the company is to blame.
Long story very short: our funding was cut. 
We had hardly any notice.

I am still in shock that the company that I worked so hard for, and loved so much, is basically gone. All the clients will transfer services, all my coworkers will start working elsewhere. 
The executive team that I love so dearly will work themselves to death as the only employees left of a company that once employed over 100, while they try to contact clients and work to close up shop.

What a crazy, sad, devastating day. Especially for the CEO who worked so hard to make his vision a reality.

I loved my time at SOH. Yes, it was crazy and stressful at times. 
 But I loved it. 

I went back today to gather things from my office, and to turn in my keys, laptop, etc.
There were hugs all around, and a few tears shed.
This chapter in everyone's lives has closed.

So in the aftermath....
Kyle and I are still deciding what next..?!
We hadn't told many people, but Kyle was in the process of interviewing at SOH for a job there as a clinician. We were happy with what we going to do. We were going to move upstairs, he would get a full time job, we might buy a house.
Now, everything is put on hold.
(Don't put your eggs in one basket, they say. Or in our case, one company.)

Kyle has 6 weeks until graduation. 
Do I try to find a job, just to possibly move?
Where does Kyle apply to jobs at? 
Do we move out of state? Back to Utah? Stay here?

We have some big changes coming up, and we don't know what they will entail yet.

We know that this will set us on the path we should be on.
We know that things will work out.

It's just getting to the "worked out" part that is tricky... :)


Cam said...

I'm so sorry Britt! I hope something good will turn up-- I'm sure it will! Good luck with all those decisions... that's tough stuff.

Nadia Despain said...

You are being so positive with this hard trial in your way. I love you. You're in my prayers.

Ayisha said...

Love you dear :) You guys are doing great and I'm excited to see where this insane trial takes you!