Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We're Busy

Life is busy, but good.
And I've been pretty terrible at updating the blog because of that.
When I finally have some down time, all I want to do is sit. (All that sitting makes my to-do list pretty long....) Our nights look like this: I come home between 6 and 7, usually. We fix dinner and eat it, talk a little bit, watch a couple episodes of LOST, and then go to bed. Real exciting, huh? :) 

My job is going well. I'm enjoying it, but it definitely tires me out - both physically and emotionally. I'm usually up around 7 or 8, depending on the day, then I'm working/driving until about 6 or 7. (Again, that depends on the day. Sometimes I have an hour or two break in the afternoon.) One thing I dislike is how much driving I have to do, but oh well. I finally found out how much I get reimbursed for mileage, and I'm happy to say that it will be about $50 each week which is what it takes us to fill up our car right now. And we're filling up once a week, so it's perfect.

Random side note: I've also been blessed with being able to revamp my wardrobe a little bit. I know this will sound silly to some people... But, while packing up to move here, I went through my clothes and gave quite a bit DI. (We're talking clothes that I've been hanging onto since junior year of high school.) Then, with some graduation and birthday money, I've added some new things to my wardrobe and I'm loving it. You know how sometimes you feel like you need all new clothes? Well, I don't feel like that anymore. Don't get me wrong, I didn't go out and buy a whole new wardrobe, but just enough to mix things up. It's awesome. All I have left on my "wants" list is a pair of black boots and one or two more cardigans. And it's not even really cold enough for those yet, so I can save up and get them in a month or two. It's perfect, really.

K's school is going well. Class and homework keep him busy, that's for sure. But he seems to be enjoying it! I'm real proud of him.

This weekend was a good one. We just spent Friday night together, watching a movie and eating Arby's. Saturday we cleaned our house, finished getting our second bedroom put together, went shopping, and watched the BYU/Utah game while eating some Papa Murphy's. We don't need to go into the game. What a bust. Then, my bestie Ayisha came over and we stayed up until 4 am talking. She had to leave early, but that's ok. I was just so glad I got to see her! She's the very best. I ended up staying home from church because I wasn't feeling the greatest (... feeling better now, but still not awesome).

Life is good here at the Hanson house. I still need to take some pictures of our little apartment and post them! Maybe that is something I can do this weekend. I/we are still trying to get more balance in our lives... School, each other, work, cleaning, eating healthy, exercising, scriptures study.... Isn't it always a constant battle? But a good one. Oh, and one more thing - we're planning a trip down to Utah the weekend of October 8th. I'm excited! Hopefully I get to see some of you!

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