Saturday, September 10, 2011

All About Luke and Logan (and the rest of our California adventure, too)

This is Logan and Luke.
They are our baby nephews who are 2 months old.
Logan is the one on the left and Luke is on the right.

They are freaking cute.
I was able to be a surrogate mommy to them while we were there and it was great.
Both babies are so cute, so good, and so snuggly. 

Last Thursday after I got off work and Kyle was done with class we drove down to West Jordan to spend the night at Nate and Mel's. We were able to have a fun dinner with them and the kiddos and get a good nights sleep.
Then, we woke up bright and early Friday morning and drove to Jess and Alan's. We all piled into their car and started the long drive to Blaine and Brooke's in Bakersfield, CA.
We got there around  8 pm, I think, where we were greeted by Blaine, Brooke, Allie, the babies, and Mom and Dad Hanson. We stayed up for a few hours catching up, and becoming acquainted with our little nephews.

Saturday we ran some errands and then drove over to Brooke's parents house where we had a great BYU party - we watched the game, ate some delicious food, and celebrated the win BYU pulled off. The babies looked like this:
(Logan on the left, Luke on the right.)
Nate and Mel and the kids showed up somewhere during the fourth quarter - and just like that the entire immediate Hanson clan was together. It was great! We were able to spend the rest of Saturday together as a family back at Blaine and Brooke's. 

Sunday was their blessing day. Blaine gave them really nice blessings and it was nice to be together with the family. K and I took care of Avery the majority of the time and got slimed by Avery slobber combined with goldfish. Yum.
After sacrament we went back to the house where we had both the Hanson and Watson clans over. 14 kids under the age of about 9. Yikes. But we had a good time. The Watson clan thinned out, and then it was just the Hanson's again. We really enjoyed the time we could all spend together.





 Monday morning came too fast and Kyle, Alan, Jess and I piled back into the car and drove the long hours home.

We had an amazing time with family and playing with our little nieces and nephews.
Can't wait to do it again!

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