Thursday, April 3, 2014

1 Week

Birth story is still in the works - I'm writing a document with everything in it, and then hopefully will downsize it for the blog. It's taking a long time though, especially between naps and eating and snuggling the babe.

 At one week baby Abe:

- likes sleeping in momma's arms the most
- makes the best faces
- is so snuggly
- likes hearing daddy read to him
- still has adorable peach fuzz sideburns
- is doing pretty good when it comes to sleeping
- is just adorable
- makes pretty great grunting and snorting sounds
- was so good on his first outing
(we went to the doctor's and a couple more quick errands (Abe and I stayed in the car) and he hardly made a peep the entire time. he was also awake most of the time, just so content to be in his carseat.)

We love him so much. 
As cliche as it sounds, this has been the fastest week of our lives! Tomorrow is the last day of Kyle's paternity leave, and Abe and I will be sad for him to go back to work. But, tomorrow my mom and sister fly out for a week, so that will be fun! Looking forward to seeing them and having them be able to meet Abe.

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Lindsay Ingram said...

So excited for you!!! I can't wait to see these updates as he grows and starts becoming a little man :)