Saturday, March 23, 2013


Yep, that's right. I am moving on up in the corporate world :)

I was promoted to Regional Operations Manager, which basically means I am the boss! 

In seriousness, I will be working directly under our Clinical Program Manager and our Exec of Operations to take on more administrative/managerial roles so the program director can be freed up to do more clinical work. I'll be doing a slew of things such as dealing with PR and HR issues, enforcing different company policies among employees, recruiting business, attending meetings, etc., etc. 

I'm pretty excited to take on this role, as it will be a nice change, although not too different. And it will also be nice to not be directly in charge of employees.

In other news... The rest of our lives are just the same. 
It snowed yesterday, but we didn't get near as much snow as our friends in Utah did, so I'm not complaining! Kyle has spring break this coming week, and Sunday is his birthday and Easter! Talk about a good day. 
And of course it's currently MARCH MADNESS.
So basketball is all that is on at our house currently. 
(I'd like to say that I picked Harvard and Florida Gulf Coast. Pretty proud over here.)

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